Updating or deleting token records

Individual database records in the Contributor Node can be updated or deleted if required.

  • Updating a database token record involves adding or deleting field values associated with a particular person, whereas
  • Deleting a token record involves removing all field values associated with a person, and therefore, removing a person from your database

To update or delete token records:

Prepare your CSV file for upload In addition to the ‘personid’ and ‘email’ columns, include an additional column, called ‘operation’:

  • Place a ‘d’ in this column if you want to delete the token record.
  • Place a ‘p’ in this column if you want to update the token record.

If you are updating a record, ensure that relevant field values are populated in your CSV file. Field values that are empty will be deleted from the database.

11alison@example.com(850) 623-25653607



(747) 710-1092


(737) 877-9905

36150gbyndpnMJohnGilbert yT7409862740p

The record for Alison will be deleted from the database. 
In the example above:

  • Whereas, the record for James and John will be updated with the field values shown for ‘personid’ and the rest of the PII fields.

Deleting all token records

All database records in the Contributor Node can be deleted if required.

  1. Click 'View Swagger Specifications' button at bottom of your CN page (after you've logged in) right above the 'commercial in confidence' logo
  2. Click the 'authorise button on the next page and type in your login credentials
  3. Click on the 'delete' functionality and press the 'try it out' button
  4. Type in the 'Acc No:' value into the 'DBUUID' field on the swagger page and then press 'execute'

  5. After a few seconds, it should be cleared and there should be '0' records in your CN when you look at it

Upload your CSV file

  1. Log into your Contributor Node and select the database that contains the records to be updated or deleted
  2. Follow the steps listed under Paragraphs 4 & 5 of Load PI Data to upload your CSV file
  3. The total tokens in the Database summary panel on the left will update to reflect the new total after any records have been deleted
  4. If required, click ‘Download tokens’ to download the token mapping file containing an updated list of ‘personid’ and ‘token’ values