• This guide sets out the steps required to get up and running as a Senate Matching Custodian with Data Republic. The guide is targeted at business sponsors who want a view of the journey from baseline to an optimised Senate Matching operating model; and for technical staff who will be executing across this journey who want a detailed technical guide.
  • When you're done with this guide, you'll be ready to execute your first Senate project. There is also a section at the end of the guide which offers advice on optimising ongoing interaction with the Senate Matching ecosystem.

Senate Matching Custodian Onboarding Journey

The on-boarding journey for Senate Matching can be broken down into four steps:

Senate Matching Onboarding

1. Setup & Configure

In this step, you will choose the best hosting pattern (on-prem vs cloud) for your organisation's needs, set up your Contributor Node, and configure your node to communicate with the Senate Matching network.

2. Testing

In this step, you will load test data to the Senate Matching Network in order to test your configuration and connectivity.

3. Load Personal Information (PI)

In this step, you will perform your first load of real PI into the Senate Matching Network and receive your tokens back.

4. Execute a Senate Matching Project

In this step, you will load your tokens and attributes into Senate, and approve your first match.

Maintenance and Optimization

Once you've done your first project, your organization may want to better automate the ongoing maintenance of the Senate Matching process. You can find a guide with advice on how to do this here.

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Let's get started! The first step is to Setup & Configure your Senate Matching Node →